Our Concept

LeJaenzan – the art of cooking! We promise you’ll eat it all!

A new restaurant has opened its doors in Lovina, it’s on Jalan Singaraja-Seririt in Kalibukbuk. That is 400 meters towards Singaraja from the Lovina traffic lights just opposite Hotel Cempaka.

The restaurant is comfortable, the staff friendly and the owner is a chef who has won many awards and has wide International experience. The food is an interesting blend of elegant Balinese cooking with an international touch. Cuisine Baru’ so to apeak. What can go wrong really?

And what is on the menu?
The menu offers fish and meat dishes. Among the fish dishes we find such delightful choices as ‘Yellow Fin Tuna’ which is served with string beans, sautéed new potatoes and lime in a green curry sauce.   ‘Chili Crab’ with steamed rice. ‘Pan fried mackerel’. ‘Steamed clam with pumpkin bisque’. And one the restaurant’s specialties: ‘Warm shrimp salad with avocado and grilled chilies’.

For the serious meat eater there is the sumptuous serve of Pork Ribs marinated in honey and soya served with yellow rice and pork jus. Entrees start from 40.000 rupiahs and main dishes vary between 80.000 to 95.000 rupiahs.

Le Jaenzan restaurant is open at 11am until 11pm. The restaurant can also be booked for parties and events like birthdays. On request the restaurant organizes cooking classes. The restaurant offers free transportation service around the Lovina area.