Lovina Restaurants – New Years Eve Menu 2018

lovina restaurants


            Scallops and Tamarillo

            Pan fried sea scallops served with cherry tomatoes, Tamarillo chutney, and butter sauce  sprinkled with crouton Garnished with capers and dill sprig


            Tuna Carpaccio and Salad

            Thinly sliced yellow fin tuna served  with herb oil, vegetables pickle & red beet Mayonnaise


Balinese Sausages Stuffed Rich Pork Loin

Laid on Roman lettuce served with tomatoes, fried peanut and honey oyster sauce


Main Menus:           

            “Au Jus” Pork Ribs

            Grilled marinate pork  accompanied  with yellow rice, aubergine, vegetables and served with pork jus


            Chicken Breast

            Stir fried chicken breast served with mushrooms, onions, vegetables,Steamed rice and honey oyster sauce

or Menchurian or Ratatouille     



            Creme Brulee


            Apple Pie a la Mode


            Fresh Fruits salad


Dinner starts at 7 pm till 10 pm – IDR 350.000++ per person / beverages NOT included

For reservations or inquiries please call +62 858 571 171 43 / +62 877 502 179 08 or  Email: info@lejaenzan.com

Lovina Restaurants