Pizzeria Lovina

Pizzeria Lovina

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Our Pizzeria Lovina in front of our restaurant features a open terrace and a roof covered area. Lovina main road front of our fine dining restaurant we have a wide open terrace available – with a roof covered area for rainy days – for comfortable sitting and chatting over a pizza or coffee break.


All our Pizzas are 10-inch.Dough and Sauce are all made on the Premises

  • MARGARITA (V)                                                                 90.000 IDR 

With Mozzarella Cheese and a delightful Tomato paste with Basil

  • LJ VEGETARIAN SPECIAL (V)                                    110.000 IDR 

Margarita base with toppings of Green Pepper, Grilled Eggplant and Feta Cheese

  • MEAT LOVER                                                                        125.000 IDR 

Margarita base with  Beef,  Chicken, Pork rib, Onion and Olives

  • LJ MARINARA                                                                  125.000 IDR 

Margarita base with Prawn, Calamari,  Tuna, Onion and Olives



Choose from Spaghetti, Fettucine and Penne 

  • PASTA CARBONARA                                         95.000 IDR 

In a creamy Carbonara sauce with bacon and cheese

  • PASTA BOLOGNESE                                       90.000 IDR 

With Ground Beef in a rich herb-filled tomato sauce

  • PASTA AL ‘OLIO (V)                                       80.000 IDR 

Drizzled in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, garnished with flakes of red chili

  • FETTUCINE PESTO (V)                               80.000 IDR 

Rich in Basil, but by no means Fawlty

  • Add strips of chicken, extra                               15.000 IDR  
  • PASTA MARINARA (V)                               95.000 IDR 

With Seafood in a rich Tomato sauce

Pizzeria Lovina Extra Toppings: Will be charged individual

Roasted Beef                    50.000 IDR
Spicy Chicken                  30.000 IDR
Pork Ribs                          40.000 IDR
Seafood                             60.000 IDR
Vegetables                        20.000 IDR

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