Cooking Class

Learn how to make art. With food! At LeJaenzan Cooking Class

Our cooking class can be hold daily on request and up to max. 6 person can participate. Our cooking class starts at 7am with pick up at your hotel and shopping afterwards at the local village market till 9am. From 9am till 11am we serve breakfast (American Breakfast, extra charge 75.000 Rp. per
person) or drop you at your hotel for your breakfast.

After pick up at your hotel again at 11am we start our cooking class lesson at restaurant LeJaenzan till 1.30pm. Within this 2 ½ hours we will create 10 different dishes.

Cooking Class Rates:

Cookin Class 10 dishes   750.000 Rp. (lesson till 1.30pm)
Cookin Class   7 dishes    600.000 Rp. (lesson till 12.30pm)
Cookin Class   5 dishes    500.000 Rp. (lesson till 12pm)
Minimum participation 2 person / Maximum participation 6 person

No participation shopping at market 100.000 Rp. discount!

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