Chinese New Year 2019 Menu

Tuesday, 5th February 2019

chinese new year 2019 menu


Chinese New Year 2019 Menu – APPETIZERS


Spring Rolls stuffed with Pork Loin                                                       50K

Home – made vegetables with cube pork loin spring rolls served with salsa sauce


Shrimp Dumpling                                                                                          60K

Home – made raviolies pasta bed on pumpkin bisque topped  with pickle and  dill sprig


Tuna Carpaccio                                                                                             60K

Thinly sliced yellow fin tuna served  with herb oil, vegetables pickle & red beet mayonnaise


 Scallops                                                                                                           95K

Pan fried sea scallops served with cherry tomatoes, tamarillo chutney, and butter sauce sprinkled with crouton garnished with capers and dill sprig


Chinese New Year 2019 Menu – ENTREES

Lobster 300 gr                                                                                                250K

Pernod flambeed served with blanched vegetables, grilled aubergines, soy potato balls and lobster sauce  


Chili Crab                                                                                                          150K

Stir-fried crab with string beans, tomatoes, garlic served with steamed rice


Duck Breast                                                                                                     130K

Pan fried duck breast laid on vegetables served with daikon fondant, soy potato balls and  orange sauce  


Beef Tenderloin Steak                                                                                130K

Grilled beef tenderloin served with vegetables, choice of black pepper or mushroom  sauce


Tofu Cap-Cay                                                                                                   50K

Its Chinese cuisine of Stir-fried cube tofu with vegetables and cap-cay sauce come with  steamed rice  garnished with herb


Au Jus Steamed Fish 400 gr                                                                      110K

Steamed grouper or snapper fish laid on sliced gingers and spring onions sprinkled with fish stock, Chinese sauce and garnished with julienne ginger, spring onion and  chili pepper    


Chinese New Year 2019 Menu – DESSERT

            Chocolate Fondant                                                                                        65K

            Creme Brule                                                                                                    60K

            Fresh Fruits salad                                                                                          40K

chinese new year 2019 menu